What is worst seen happening to Student Life?

  • You open your laptop/phone and net is not working.
  • When 11 chapters are coming in Heat Transfer and you only read 4.
  • Friend gets a foreign intern/research and you not.
  • You go to class at 8 am on a rainy morning and teacher is absent.
  • Eating mess food and realizing the value of Mom’s food.
  • 5 Girls in a class of 87 and you don’t have the courage to talk to them.
  • Outside Girls: You must be nerd eh! You might be busy with your studies, I don’t think you can get some time for me.
  • Relatives: So are also going to get a 1 crore package?
  • When you asked a mess keeper for an additional sweet but he refuses.
  • That feel when you realize that the girl who asked for your notes was interested only on your notes.
  • Extra class on weekend.
  • When your school friends getting jealous only because you can’t make entry into IIT.
  • Not getting an IIT to graduate!

Joote kahan Utarein?

Chhoti-chhoti chhitrayi yaadein

Bichhi hui hain lamhon ki lawn par.
Nange pair unpar chalte-chalte
Itni door aa aaye
Ki ab bhool gaye hain –
Joote kahan utaare the.

Aedi komal thi, jab aaye the.
Thodi si naazuk hai abhi bhi.
Aur nazuk hi rahegi
In khatti-meethi yaadon ki shararat
Jab tak inhe gudgudati rahe.

Sach, bhool gaye hain
Ki joote kahan utaare the.
Par lagta hai,
Ab unki zaroorat nahin.!